Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day of Shopping with Mom and Sister!!

Today I went to the outlet mall with my mom and sister... I LOVE GOING TO THE OUTLETS!!! We had such a great time just spending time together and doing what girls do best.... SHOPPING!!!!!

After spending the entire day @ shopping I got home and was showing my hubby all the fun stuff I got, I realized that EVERYTHING i bought, minus one little jacket, was for CAYDEN!!!! And I began to think, at what point did I stop buying anything for myself and instead started shopping only for my baby. I realized that that is just what happens when you become a mommy... you start living your life to better someone elses... and you love every minute of it!! I used to get excited if I found something cute for myself, not I can't wait to go in every single children's store there is!!! I just love it. I can't wait to put everything on him!! (He still has a million things from summer that still have tags on it, oops, hopefully I have another boy, although with this Rochester weather he could be wearing shorts in the middle of winter for all we know!!)

Oh yeah, I just thought of another reason why I didn't buy anything for myself -- I AM STILL SOOOOOOO OVERWEIGHT FROM HAVING A BABY!!! He's just about 4 months old and I have now realized that I can't use the excuse that I just had a baby, because hes not a newborn anymore!! I must face the fact that this weight will not magically disappear, especially not when I am addicted to sweets and junk, and I will be joining the gym this week. (Last time I joined the gym I only went maybe 5 times, needless to say I am going to have to prove my dedication to my hubby this time!!! Whatever happened to the days where I could eat whatever I wanted and my figure never changed??? I feel like I am not even looking at my own body when I look in the mirror----will it ever be back to normal??????)

So that was our trip to the outlets...not to exciting, but fun for me!!! Now it's time for bed---alot to do tomorrow!!!

Until next post,


Anonymous said...

It will never be exactly the same...lol! I have started working out too! Yesterday i worked out hard and today I fell so exhausted!! Yeah for new clothes for Cayden boy! Can't wait to see them post some pics!

Debbie said...

You forgot to mention that you NEVER pay full price for anything! Do you feel like your looking at your mothers body? Hopefully not!

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