Monday, February 16, 2009

Back Again??

Ok so, it seems that everytime I don't blog for a while I come back with a new page design and a post saying that I'm back once again... Hopefully this time I will actually keep up on this!! I used some tips from my sis-in-law suzi's blog which brought me to this awesome page that lets you design the cutest things online... I had a ton of fun doing it!!

Since the last time I blogged, Cayden has become VERY mobile!! Talk about life change! I dont remember what it was like to be able to leave hi
m in one place and come back and actually find him there!! He now crawls everywhere, pulls himself up on everything, and the doctor said he will probably be walking within a month!! As I am writing this he has come to visit me in the living room. He is just the sweetest little boy to be around!!! He is full of smiles all the time. He is always clapping, loves loves loves to dance :) And just the other day he started to wave... where did he learn to do that?? I guess it just goes to show that you should be careful about who you let influence your children... I mean yes of course I know he only learned to wave, but what if he learned something that was not as cute!!?? Just a thought! I have also realized that Cayden is starting to understand what "NO!" means. Even though after I tell him no he still has to test me a little bit!! But I am sure thats just the beginning... what will he be like when he's a teenager!!

Last week both my husband Caleb and Cayden had the stomach flu! It was only by divine intervention that I did not get sick. Everyone I knew got sick including my mother in law and Caleb's grandma who watched Cayden one day last week. I felt terrible... especially because his Grandma got sick when we were in Niagara-on-the-Lake... Those were the worst diapers of Cayden's that I have EVER changed!!!

Well this was short and sweet, but today is the first day of my week of vacation, so I HAVE to
get some work done around this house! I am having some girlfriends over tonight so I have to prepare for that... oh yeah and Cayden is screaming right now!! Must be mommy's favorite time ~NAP TIME~ For now I will leave you with a some cute pics from our trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake!!

Until the next post, Hollie


Yankee Mama said...

Love the header! You almost did the three colums but you have to tweak it. Awww I didn't know both grandmas got sick too....glad you were spared!:)

Jenna said...

I hope you blog more often :). I love the header! It turned out so cute!

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