Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poor Baby!

Today I stayed home with a sick baby! I was supposed to work for a few hours,but Cayden has had a temperature since Sunday! This is the first time he has had a fever, so of course I panicked!! I thank God that I have a husband who keeps me sane!! We got home from the grocery store Sunday night and I took off Cayden's coat and hat and realized he seemed a little warmer than usual. I asked Caleb's opinion and he told me he had thought a little earlier that he felt warm.... What a terrible mom I was... even after Cayden had acted a little uninterested in food earlier in the day I didn't know he was sick, but daddy did!!! We got his temp under control after a cool bath, some tylenol, and of course a reassuring call to my mom!! 

So today, 2 days later, Cayden still had a slight fever, so I decided to take him to the Dr.s just in case he had an ear infection or something~I didn't want it to get worse... Usually Cayden is happy-go-lucky at the Drs. He loves everyone and barely makes a peep.... TODAY was different... everything people did made him SCREAM!!! Well, I guess I might scream if someone was taking my tempe
rature rectally!! I must say I do love my Dr.s office... my husband and his family have been going there FOREVER and they just love kids!! The Dr. said that he saw some bumps on the back of Cayden's throat, which was probably just a virus which was causing the fever... but just to be safe, cause he is so young, we had to go have a little blood taken.... I really think that that was harder on me... it is so sad to see your child in pain!! 

Well we are back home tonight and hoping we can kick this fever soon! He has been so sweet and cuddly with both of us. We wanted to get him up from a nap so that he wouldn't get up in the middle of the night wide awake... so we both had to have a little fight over who got to get him, and after running to the door Caleb beat me and got to get him! I am so thankful for a husband who loves me and his baby, and is willing to help out!! Here are some of the pictures of Cayd
en from today... I just love this boy!


And another thing.....I did a little home re-decorating Sunday afternoon. A couple of weeks ago I was at Hobby Lobby and bought one of those cute wall transfers. I had wanted one for a while and after we moved I had the perfect place for one, but wasn't sure what I wanted it to say. HL had a bunch and they were 50% off so I knew it was my time to get one! After looking at a few I finally decided on this one because I wanted to make a statement as soon as people walked in my house!! I love it!!!




Yankee Mama said...

Awww Cayden!:( You can tell his not feeling good in those pictures! I got some of those wall transfers from HL too!! I haven't put any up yet though.

The growing Fabry Family said...

which ones did you get????

Jenna said...

I love the letters! they turned out great!
When Brookie saw your and Caleb's picture she said "Bo-bo", which is what she calls my brother Patrick. It was funny! She thought it was him!
I hope poor little Cayden feels better soon! :(

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