Thursday, April 23, 2009

11 Months Today!

I can not believe in 1 month, yes 1 month from today, Cayden will be 1 years old!!! Where has the time gone? I have enjoyed these past 11 months more than I ever imagined that I would. God has given me the greatest blessing!! Because he is 11 months old today I am just gonna write what he is up to these days...he is a very very busy young man!!

Cayden you are eleven months old and you are all over the place! So much so Daddy had to get you a play gate so I can keep you corralled while I try to get stuff done around the house, or when I just need a break from moving you and taking things out of your hand!! You have begun the adventure of walking!! You are walking EVERYWHERE!!! You are such a good little walker and it seems like it just happened over night! As much as I want you to stay little, I love seeing you doing new things!

These days you like to eat "real food." You hardly ever eat baby food anymore. You always want what we have, and I like to give you things that you can feed yourself... like mini raviolis... those are your favorites!! You are just like mommy ~ you have a sweet tooth! I sometimes give you some lucky charms in your high chair, and you eat out all of the marshmallows!!! (I only give you a few, so I am not a terrible, unhealthy mom!!!) You can suck down a juice cup in about 5 seconds... I literally gave you a little juicy juice juice box and you drank the whole thing in less than a minute!! You are sooo much like Daddy!! By the way, people are saying you are looking a lot more like Daddy every day :0) I guess I can't complain because your Daddy is pretty cute himself!
Your favorite thing these days is Bella!!! She just came back to live with us and you could not be more excited!!! Every day you wake up in the morning or after a nap all you say is "Bella, Bella, Bella..." She loves you too, although sometimes you are a little too rough with her and she gets irritated!! Sometimes mommy is sad that you can say Bella and not Mommy :( Oh well, one day soon! You also say "whats that," "dada," "hi," "bye bye," and something that resembles "grandma." When I try to get you to say mama, it almost sounds just like bye bye, so I am not sure!!! You are sooo smart - the other day daddy had a picture of a bee on his work shirt and asked you where the bee was and you could point to it... then he had another picture of a bee and asked you where the other bee was and you pointed to the other bee!! GENIOUS!!! 
You love to watch Backyardigans... mostly only for the beginning song and then you kinda lose interest, but thats ok, I don't want you to be hooked on TV! Your favorite toys lately have been your pail and shovel you got for Easter, along with the plastic eggs! I can not believe how you can throw a ball... it amazes me everytime... I wonder if you will play baseball or basketball... you have VERY large hands... so I guess we will see!!

Every day we experience new things together. Every day I love you soo much more, and I never knew that I could love someone so much! I think that everytime I pick you up I have to kiss your chubby cheeks!!! You are growing up so fast, but I am treasuring every moment and thanking our Lord for a healthy, beautiful child! You have so many people who love you... but mommy loves you the most!!! Can't wait to see what God has in store for you! I love you Cayden!!!

Some Pictures from the Last Month:

You @ Grandma and Papa's the day before Easter:

Mommy and Cayden on Easter, I mean Ressurection Sunday, Morning:

At the park last week:

Another Picture @ the Park last week:

Here you are today, @ 11 months old, what a BIG BOY!!! :

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Jenna said...

Doesn't time just FLY??? In a way it's sad, but it's also so fun because every stage is even more fun than the one before that!

anna said...

I'm Jenna's sister Anna and I read your blog. I enjoy reading it too! I don't have a blog, but I just wanted to let you know that I read yours!!
Have a good day!!

Molly said...

Oh cherish it, and I know you do, just from reading this post. It goes by in a blink. My little ones are getting so big now and I'm itching to have another baby. All in God's timing. Lovely little blog. Thanks for the smile. :)

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