Tuesday, December 25, 2007

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Well it's been a while since I have been on this thing... I really don't even know how to use it and I just spent the last hour or so trying to find a cute background for this blog... but it wasn't working... does anyone know how to find them on the internet or anything??? Myspace is WAY easier!!! Anyways....

I am with my husband and his family in Ohio for Christmas, and everyone is laying around after getting stuffed with ham and Aunt Yvonne's delicious Christmas cookies, so I decided to write a little bit on here.

Since the last time I wrote we found out that we are having a baby BOY!!! I really thought it was going to be a girl, but I am excited none the less. As long as I can have one girl I will be happy. I have already gone out and bought a bunch of clothes... most are camoflauge because thats what his daddy likes :) I also bought the cutest little Nike Air Force ones in a size 2... he's gonna be just like his dad!!!

I've been able to feel the baby move for about 3 or 4 weeks now, but every day it seems to be getting stronger. The most exciting thing happened this morning though... Caleb, my hubby, was also able to feel him move!!!! What an awesome Christmas present... hes funny though because he doesn't want to press too hard because he thinks that he will squish him... although I have assured him that he wont!!!

I missed being home for Christmas this year, but it's ok because I will be there next year with my little boy!!! I am already thinking about how I will spoil him this time next year!!! I talked to my family this morning and heard what they got---- boy do my parents (and my in-laws) spoil us!!!

I just finished a semester @ school.... just one more to go and then I will GRADUATE!!!!!!!!!!!! Next semester is student teaching!!! I am going to be one big fat mama when i get up there in front of those kids!!! Oh well I will be glad to get it over. I thought I was gonna get all A's this semester, but I was totally bummed when I got an A- :( oh well its still good!!

Well I have probably bored you with all of this... but just wanted to post an update (mostly for you Suzi, because I don't even know if anyone else reads this!! Lastly, I will leave you with some photos from Christmas Eve... hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas!!! We miss y'all down there in Texas!!! You better come see us soon!!!!

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