Thursday, September 4, 2008

Inspired by the RNC...

Ok, this post is going to sound a little political... after all I am watching the Republican National Convention :).

I have always been totally pro-life, and it was not until I gave birth to my first son in May that I could truly understand what it meant to be pro-life. As we look toward this next election we are faced with people who either believe in the sanctity of life, or feel that a woman has the right to choose whether or not to allow the life growing inside of her to take a breath. HOW DISGUSTING!!! I know that this is an ongoing debate, and I don't intend to get in to the nitty gritty of what I believe, but I just wanted to take a minute to commend the VP candidate Sarah Palin and her firm belief in the right to life...

...After being told that her son would be born with downs syndrome, she welcomed him with loving, open arms and to her, he was perfect. Every time his picture flashes up on the TV screen I feel overwhelmed with emotion because #1 God blessed me with a child who was 100% healthy and I am so overwhelmingly thankful to him for that and #2 Sarah Palins son, Trig, is the sweetest, most perfect, child I have ever seen and to think that someone could be so selfish and eliminate an innocent life because they do not have the ability to think of anyone else besides themselves at that moment. (Of course God's love and forgiveness will cover all sins, therefore there is hope for someone who has made the wrong descision....)

I guess I just felt the need to write this because I was disgusted by the two women who were taken out of the convention tonight wearing pink bras and plastered in PRO-CHOICE statements... its only a shame they don't allow abortions later in life (ok, I don't really mean that but had to say it anyways... ;) So I will leave you with a picture of Trig Palin and wish you would think for a minute how anyone would or could terminate the life of a child because of a disability or for any reason at all.... it makes me so incredibly sad... Lord please forgive us!!!


Anonymous said...

Aww he is beautiful!

Great post Hollie! I totally agree! Weird because I was seriously thinking about this today!

I really want to go to the Agape Pregnancy Clinic here in our town and help out in some way. I was going to do haircuts for the girls that came there for help. It was going to be on the weekends that Jeremiah wasn't working but they're not open on the weekends I found out:( I don't know, I'm praying for something to open up for me there it's hard cause of our situation with one car, three kids and no family here!!

Jenna said...

I found you from Suzi's blog. This was a great post and so true! Little Trig is so cute and how anyone could deny's sickening!

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