Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Open Mouth Insert Foot....

Ever had one of those times where you said something and then instantly you wanted to take it back? Like congratulating someone on their baby to be only to find out they arent even pregnant??? Well I had one of those happen to me yesterday...

... my father in law has been gracious enough to give me some little things to do for his business to make a little extra spending money (love love love to buy Cayden clothes of course!!)... so yesterday he gave me the task of calling people who had their carpenter ants treated last year to see if they would like to extend their warranty blah blah blah boring I know.... so I had called about 15 people and got to this one phone number.... here is the synopsis of the conversation:

Older Lady: Hello
Me: Hi may I please speak with Ronald?
Older Lady: Who?
Me: (Thinking maybe he went by a shortened version of his name) Is Ron available?
Older Lady: Um excuse me but Mr. so and so EXPIRED in February

Oh man... EXPIRED??? Could she have said something like passed away, or perhaps just tell me that he was not available??!??!? Needless to say I just wanted to hang up right then and there... when I told my hubby - he found it amusing! - he said that he wasnt aware that we had "expiration dates" .... oh well

gotta run and make more phone calls.....

Maybe I should send her this shirt I found on the net:


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Hollie! It's too bad that I have those moments daily!

Darlene R. said...

Hi Hollie! I came over here from Suzi's blog to "meet" you.

I am with Suzi on this one, I do this kind of stuff ALL THE TIME!

You have a cute blog. I'll stop by again!


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