Monday, September 22, 2008

Packing Away Baby Clothes...



Today I got a little emotional!!! Cayden turns 4 months old tomorrow, but today I had to pack away some of his newborn clothes to make room for his new fall/winter wardrobe! As I was looking through all of the clothes and folding them, I couldn't believe that it was already time for me to pack them away until the next baby boy enters my life. Most of the clothes I packed away had certain memories attached to them. There was the first outfit I bought from old navy when I found out I was having a boy, the first outfit I put on him at the hospital, and the outfit I brought him home from the hospital in. I got the most emotional over the first outfit I put on him in the hospital. It was white with little green stars and I found a cute little green hat to match...looking at it today, I could barely even imagine Cayden being able to fit into it!!!

I remember when I first started buying the clothes I would look at them all the time and it felt like I was never going to be able to hold my baby in my arms. Now, I am packing them away and won't be using them until I have another baby (boy). After I had Cayden so many people told me, they grow up so turn around and they will be teenagers!!! In my hyper-emotional state at the time, this saddened me beyond belief. I would sit and cry (okay I had a few days of "baby blues) and it was hard for me to read books like "Someday," "God Gave us You," and the mother of all books, "I'll Love you Forever."

After a while I decided that instead of being
so sad that this time with him would go by so quickly, I decided to start savoring every second with my baby so that I would have no regrets when he was grown... it seems to be working so far. Although he will be 4 months old tomorrow, I still feel like I have been able to take in every moment we have together...(ok there are those few times where he is unconsolable...sometimes I would like those moments to pass a bit more quickly!) So for now the newborn baby boy clothes had found their place in a rubbermaid storage container in Cayden's closet...that is until baby #2 comes around...

So I will leave you with a couple pictures of my precious little Cayden in those "spec
ial" outfits...

#1: The first outfit I bought him when I found out he was a boy:

#2: The first outfit I put him in @ the hospital (don't mind his "swollen" look--He just went through 15 hours of labor and had to shimmy all 9 1/2 lbs and 23 1/4 inches of himself out of me with the help of a vaccuum!! He was still so cute!!):

#3: The outfit I brought him home from the hospital in:

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Anonymous said...

It is SO sad to put those clothes away!

He looks so tiny in Caleb's arms!

I think I could have 12 kid's I don't think I will ever feel done no matter how many I had!

Oh and I am still sending that wrap for you haven't had the car in weeks it seems like, although Cayden will prob be to big by the time you get it! Hopefully you will have another boy! You can also put them in it face outwards! That's what I will be doing with Aliya soon.

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