Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Vacation... Day 1

Ok So I have been away from my blog for quite some time... truth is I wrote the LONGEST post about how I told Caleb, and how we told my parents that we were pregnant... as soon as I went to post the blog (with pictures and everything) IT WAS GONE!!!! I was so frustrated I shut down the computer and have not come back to blog until now... So... I will still tell those stories sometime because I like to have my blog as a way to document my pregnancy... so look for it in the future...

...In other news SCHOOLS OUT FOR THE SUMMER!!! YES!!! I am so excited to be home with Cayden, and I am also so happy to get to sleep in :) YAY FOR ME!! There are a lot of things I have to tackle around my house in the next couple of weeks to prepare for out of town guests that are coming for my brother in law's wedding. We have a lot coming up!!! This weekend my husbands grandparents (who are like my adopted grandparents) are moving in RIGHT NEXT DOOR!! We are so excited!! They have lived in Toledo, Ohio/Michigan for EVER and now they are moving here!!!! Then there are all the preparations for the wedding which is in less than 3 weeks!!!! 

Today on my first day of summer vacation I tackled one chore... LAUNDRY! UGH!!!! In my downstairs family room I had been separating laundry (which was all at one time folded) and just kept procrastinating putting it away (one of my LEAST favorite things to do!) So today I had to go down there, sort everything out, re-fold it, and bring it to where it needs to go. But of course I found many more dirty clothes and still have a few more loads to do to be all caught up! Well at least now I have the time to do it all!! 

I went to the Drs. Back on the 11th and got to hear the baby's heartbeat... I LOVED IT! There is something about seeing/hearing your baby inside that makes it so much more real! I was glad to have heard that I had LOST weight instead of gain--yay! Of course, as long as the baby is healthy~~ I just have not had the desire to eat a lot of things... they gross me out... weird because I love food... I wont find out what I am having until August, but boy is this going so quick!!!! What am I going to do with 2 babies to take care of???

Last, but certainly not Least... I have to show you the awesome deal my mom found! Now of course I do not know what I am having (I mean there's always a lot of speculation seeing that this pregnancy seems so different from the last) but my mom found a deal she could not pass up!! She was @ Target a couple of weeks ago and saw a cute bedding set on clearance for $118 - not that bad of a price if its the one you want, but it was for a girl so she obviously wasn't going to spend the $$ not knowing what I was having... She went back a week later, saw the same set, and it was marked down to ... ready for this??? $12.47!!!!!!!!!!!! And you know what the funnier part is... it was the exact bedding set that I had picked when I was pregnant with Cayden if I had a girl!!! If I don't end up having a girl, I will either save it or re-gift it to someone who needs it!! There is a picture of it below.... Target sells this online for $150!!!

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