Monday, October 6, 2008

The McFamily Connection

esterday my family from my Dad's side got together for a family picnic. This was the first time that my Nana and one of my aunts met Cayden. Crazy, I know, but everyone is busy so I can't hold it against them for not being able to meet him sooner. I guess somethings you just come to expect as you get older! Anyhow---We had a fun time eating, talking, and playing games as a family. It was also such a nice fall day here in upstate New York!! 

We took a lot of pictures so I thought I would share some with you on here. I have to say that I think my son might be the cutest thing ever...but I guess I might be a little biased!!! Of course since we were not at home, he wasn't able to take a nap and by the end of the day he was being sooooo CRABBY!! Noone else thought he was, b
ut since I know him best, I could tell he was completely overtired! Not to mention he is getting two little teeth on the bottom that are just poking through!!! I do have to be thankful that his teething hasn't taken a toll on us! Well my mom is just about to come over and we are going to meet my hubby @ Pizza Hut Buffet for lunch!! YUMMY! Then I guess later I will have to work EXTRA hard at the gym :( -- by the way I love being @ the gym...but why is it so hard to get my lazy self up to get there?? -- Hope you enjoy these pictures.

Oh yeah, PS. if you haven't heard of the website
m, you must go there. You can upload your pictures there and change them, write on them, do all sorts of fun things with them. Then they will upload right to facebook or you can save them on your computer. Thats what I used to make the new banner for my page... so check it out!!


lily said...

cayden is so cute i love him so much i cant believe he is starting to get teeth

Jenna said...

You've been tagged! Check out my blog for details!

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