Monday, October 18, 2010

First Day in HAWAII!!!

Hello Everyone!

We made it to Hawaii safe and sound! The trip here was a long and exhausting one! I am sitting in the hotel room right now because Caleb is down switching our room because they accidently gave us 2 double beds instead of a king... so we are switching tomorrow night.

Some highlights of the trip so far: We had to wake up extra early this morning (I think I might have got about 2.5 hours of sleep) and we arrived at the airport @ 6. Nothing too eventful checking in and going through security, however I think it is pretty obvious that I am not a seasoned traveler!! As we were boarding our plane there were a few marines who were saying goodbye to their girlfriend and the other to his family, which included his wife and 4 children! Of course I teared was very emotional!

We flew into Atlanta and as soon as we got off the plane we had to quickly get to our next flight. They were boarding our plane as soon as we got to the gate but we made it in time! The flight to Hawaii was about 10 hours long. There was not a lot of room, especially for Caleb who is super tall!! Luckily there were tons of movies to watch and I had books, magazines, and my iPad to keep me busy. I took a couple of naps but did not get too much sleep. We started getting excited when there was only 1 hour left on our ride in!! As we were flying in it was amazing to see the ocean, and I even was able to see Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial while we were landing! As we landed the stewardess came over the speaker and explained that there had been a few of our United States military onboard our flight and some with their families and the whole plane erupted in clapping for them….it was a really sweet moment….I might have teared up again!

At the airport Colette got me the most beautiful lei!! It was made out of all fresh, sweet smelling flowers. I will be so sad to see it wither!! We didn’t do too much here last night because we were exhausted. We got to see some of the resort, but we plan to do a lot more exploring today. (I am finishing this post on Tuesday because I was way too tired to do it on Monday night!)

Now its time to get up and ready for our day! I woke up @ 5 am wide-awake! (Which is really about 11 back in NY so I technically got to sleep in! I miss my boys a ton, but we are having a great time!!! Here are a few pics from the trip so far:

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